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By Gus Bode

Hobbies:My schedule suggests that my number one hobby is committee meetings; but I prefer spending time with my ferrets.

Favorite book:I don’t have a favorite; I have a library. If I had to

choose, probably the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu or the collected writings of Chuang Tzu.


Favorite band:No real favorite; but I like to listen to Thelonius Monk and Charlie Parker when I write.

Favorite place in Carbondale:I’d say Giant City Park; but I don’t think that the park is technically in Carbondale.

If you were to place a personal ad what would it say? Stable, steady,

loyal, argumentative, analytic, creative, determined, occasionally confused female seeks.

Let’s get down to business . . .

1. What is your stance on Iraq?

We should enter into peaceful negotiations and make every possible attempt to reconcile the situation. Humans should refrain from violently forcing their will upon other humans. While some individuals find violence an easier or possibly faster solution to a problem than complex thinking and higher level reasoning, violence should remain the choice of last resort for ethical humans.


2. Do you think Saddam Hussein has violated international law?

Which law? If Saddam Hussein has ignored the international community, he is not alone. President Bush and the U.S. refused to sign environmental agreements which would result in fairer and more equitable treatment. Israel has committed violations; but the President hasn’t threatened to attack Israel. The President’s standards for military intervention appear inconsistent and arbitrary. They also seem prompted by monetary concerns.

His plans demonstrate little consideration for the actual people who suffer as a result of his decisions.

3. Do you think a U.S.-led military strike is in order? Why or why not? If not, what do you think would be a successful alternative to a

Absolutely not. The U.S. administration has used Sept. 11 as an excuse to trample on civil rights and human rights in America and all over the globe. No individual or government should use fear as an excuse to take away the rights and freedoms of others. Negotiation should provide a successful alternative to violence. Cooperation and learning should facilitate negotiation. I can honestly say that I find the actions of the American government more terrifying than the actions of the terrorists.

4. Iraq’s decision to allow U.N. weapons inspections:Will it do any

good? Why or why not? Define good. If Iraq’s decision mitigates the

possibility of all-out war or escalated violence, then the impact of the choice should prove positive. Of course, if President Bush presses his attack, the decision could create a negative backlash which reveals American foreign policy to be the equivalent of the bully in the schoolyard.

5. If President Bush decides to attack, do you think he needs to seek

congressional and United Nations approval beforehand? To attack without such approval would be the act of a tyrant and a dictator. Seeking such approval appears a more ethically correct choice than unilateral action; however, the approval of politicians should not be seen as the approval and agreement of every individual American citizen. Many citizens disagree with the actions and policies of their governments.