IBHE_bb_9/27, Land use plan has varied goals

By Gus Bode

Plans for projects around campus abound

The bleachers of McAndrew Stadium may be part of a large building that provides students with the services now offered in Woody Hall.

SIUC officials discussed plans for new building and improvements on campus at a meeting at SIUC on Thursday with members of the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


Although current state budget shortfalls are a concern for officials, plans for improvements to SIUC include goals as varied as a new stadium, better housing and changes to the road system.

And the plans, which coincide with SIUC Chancellor Walter Wendler’s Southern at 150 goals, won’t be complete for several years to come.

Students entering McAndrew Stadium in several years may be served more than hot dogs and football games. Officials are planning to build a new structure that provides financial aid and registration services students need when arriving on campus for the first time.

The stadium, an outdated campus landmark, needs to be replaced, said Glenn Poshard, vice chancellor for Administration.

“It’s old and the infrastructure is not in good shape,” he said. “That’s a problem to everyone.”

Estimated at about $35 million, the project will begin construction in 2004.

Wendler is planning to eliminate the buildings on South Elizabeth and move the services to Woody Hall, which will be renovated. He said that the remodeled homes are not proper offices for the SIUC employees who work there.


“My concern is that it sends a terrible message,” he said “These are not proper work conditions. You can’t work in a house.”

Poshard said buildings on South Elizabeth are old, which makes the upkeep difficult.

“It’s just too much,” he said. “They’re hard to maintain.”

The plans also include having Lincoln Drive loop behind the Communications Building.

Wendler said all possible sources of funding for the projects will be pursued.

“We need to leave no vein unmined,” he said.

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