Brad Brondsema, Neckers, ASA and Engineering buildings receive

By Gus Bode

Construction not expected to interfere with classes

For the next two months, pounding, sawing and drilling sounds will echo from portions of the Neckers, ASA and Engineering buildings in a state-funded project to repair weathered sections of those buildings.

The work involves fixing dislodged bricks and patching up sections that have cracked because of the expansion and contraction of the building, according to Brad Dillard, associate director of facilities.


“Everything should be completed by the end of November – weather permitting,” Dillard said. “We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact it has on students.”

The south entrance of Neckers is closed while repairs are made on that side of the building. Upon completion of the south portion, the north entrance will be closed while work is done on that side.

Dillard said one entrance to Neckers would always remain open until the work is finished in late October.

Work on the ASA building will be performed on the northeast and south ends of the facility beginning next week and finishing up in late October. A covered walkway will be installed over the northeast entrance so it can remain open during construction.

The Engineering A building will receive work on its north side beginning in late October and finishing up in mid-November. A protective area will be fenced off but none of the entrances will be affected.

The project costs $400,000 and is funded by the Illinois Capital Development Board with work performed by Western Waterproofing, Dillard said.

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