If a straightforward four-player party game is what you need, you should definitely check out this outstanding game. Publisher Infogames has a hit-or-miss record, and thankfully, they’ve handled the classic Godzilla characters with respect.

By Gus Bode

You begin with a limited number of monsters but can unlock up to 11 through various tasks, including several different versions of the ‘big G’ himself. There are also eight different locations to house your brawls, each with buildings and roads for you to decimate.

For “Smash Brothers” veterans, gameplay is basically the same. Pick your favorite character and go nuts. Skittish button-mashers will enjoy the battles just as much as a seasoned player as skill opens new avenues of attack. You can set up combos or use the environments to your advantage by hurling buildings at your enemies. While not exactly the deepest fighting game, “Melee” gets the job done; you have punch, kick and projectile attacks, all dependent on your location to the other monster. You can also grab your adversary and send them flying into a nearby skyscraper, bringing the whole structure down.

Add all this to an awesome set of sound effects and you have a winner. The one-player game is good, but multiplayer is where “Melee” really shines.


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