In response to the article written by LeNie Adolphson, “Illinois is

By Gus Bode

Chicago,” it sounded more like she meant “Chicago is Illinois.” As a Southern Illinois native, I strongly feel that Chicago is not the only “fantastic city to live” in Illinois. I agree that Chicago has many great tourist attractions. Ms. Adolphson states that “Most people who visit Illinois want to see Chicago.” Well, sure, sweetheart – it is quite a place to visit. However, we get a fair amount of visitors (even many from Chicago) admiring the historic and beautiful surroundings that Southern Illinois has to offer. But if Chicago is so wonderful and Southern Illinois is a backwoods hillbilly-filled wasteland, what is LeNie doing down here? If everything in Chicago is superior to the rest of Illinois, especially Southern Illinois, why is she going to school down here? If she has such little respect for our area, why didn’t she choose a school closer to what she considers to be the center of the world?

Why do so many Chicago natives move to Southern Illinois; could it be to get away from the city? Why do so many SIUC graduates decide to stay in Southern Illinois? I can’t imagine that it is because we have nothing to offer them. I have lived in Carbondale my entire life and have seen many “LeNies” come and go. They come down here to attend a highly accredited University, all the while trashing the area that surrounds it. It offends me that people such as her belittle this area. Southern Illinoisans are absolutely wonderful people. We are laid back, friendly and are appreciative of our beautiful surroundings. Southern Illinois becomes unattractive when we get people such as Ms. Adolphson with their narcissistic Chicago-superiority complex. So LeNie, live in Southern Illinois and take advantage of what our University has to offer. It is only your loss that you aren’t taking advantage of what the rest of Southern Illinois has to offer. And when you leave, may I say good riddance!

graduate student and Carbondale native