Dear Love, how are you doing? Fine I hope and hopefully you’ve been able to cope with the agony and pain that relishes in the past with the last note hopefully your hearts no longer broke.

By Gus Bode

Me I’m alright things could be worst but missing you follows me around like a curse that’s affected a child’s mind since birth. I’m worried and concerned about you at the same time because although we’re the best of friends you and I share something very special, we share the same Ideas the same fears, the same thoughts and faults and it seems as though destiny has reserved a chapter just for us.

I know you’ve been through a lot and from our last little talk it seems as though you’re thinking about giving up and I’ll hate to see you stop but I think that you’re looking for Mr. Right in all the wrong places when the one you belong with is standing right before your very face I think, as a matter of fact I know you deserve better and I have to just step in and be the man that shows you the better things in life. Taking it slow one day at a time before making any if, ands and might’s, but making promises as best friends and nothing less, I’ve been there with you from the beginning to the end so believe me I know what all you’ve been through but I also want you to know that my sincere love for you is true, you’re the only person I can consider my friend, to be there for me when time are good and bad, the only person I know that will be there with me until the end. So when you get this letter I’m just asking that you think about this and just keep in mind that I was just thinking about you….

P.S. I Love you…