Breaking Benjamin balances a unique blend of music

By Gus Bode

The stage is set for Saturday at Copper Dragon. Emerging

bands Epidemic and Breaking Benjamin will headline the Miller Lite

All tickets for the show will be distributed to adults 21 and


older through radio station on-air giveaways, retail promotions and

special events at music stores. No tickets are being sold for this

Some lucky fans will win the opportunity to introduce the

bands to the audience, watch the bands from the soundboard or

greet the bands before the show.

Epidemic recently released their self-titled debut album on

Elektra Records. They will open Saturday night’s musical festivities.


The Los Angeles-based quartet features members from Holland,

The main attraction will feature Pennsylvania natives Breaking

Benjamin. Ben Burnley (lead vocals and guitar), Mark James

Klepaski (bass guitar), Aaron Fink (guitar) and Jeremy Hummel

(drums) make up the powerful foursome signed to Hollywood

The band released its debut album, “Saturate,” this past August

and has experienced success quickly with the hit single

Breaking Benjamin started out as a trio until Klepaski and Fink

came aboard. Klepaski replaced the old bass player, and the band

molded into an explosive hard-rock unit.

Klepaski and Fink are former members of the band Lifer, which

started off as the MTV cover band Strangers With Candy. The two

knew Burnley and Hummel from Pennsylvania, and it wasn’t long

before Breaking Benjamin was opening for Lifer.

It didn’t take the guys long to realize the inevitable

collaboration of the new and improved Breaking Benjamin.

“I fell in love with them as musicians,” Klepaski said of

Breaking Benjamin. “We are soul mates.”

The band blends hard rock and pop to a perfect balance,

creating an enticing sound sure to please eager listeners.

Saturday night also commemorates the one-year anniversary

of Kritter and Pinto’s “Rock Hard In The Morning Show” on Rock 105

TAO. After a one-year hiatus, Pinto is back to the notorious morning

show and up to his usual antics.

The anniversary will be celebrated “Rock Hard In The

Morning” style with a Fear Factor type event held at 8 p.m. at the

Copper Dragon before the show. It will be rightfully named the

“Freak Show,” and contestants will compete for the grand prize of

one year of free tickets to any Rock 105 TAO sponsored concert.

Contestants will be asked to perform the most vile, disgusting

and immoral acts ever seen in Carbondale.

The most unruly contestant that makes it through all the

wildest dares will win the coveted grand prize.

The “Freak Show,” combined with Epidemic and Breaking

Benjamin, will make for a wild and exciting night in Carbondale this

Reporter Jack Piatt can be reached at [email protected]