Throw down your towel and show SIUC what you’re made of.Brad Brondsema

By Gus Bode

Take the administration’s final proposal to a member vote – once and for all. You can’t stay in the dressing room forever.

The administration submitted its final proposal to the Faculty Association last Thursday leaving everyone waiting for an answer.

After receiving the administration’s latest proposal, the faculty union’s Departmental Representative Council spent 5-1/2 hours Sunday reviewing it. And now, they’re polling faculty members Monday and today and meeting to discuss the issues.


While it’s good to see the DRC carefully reviewing the proposal, polling union members is only stalling the effort to get this matter settled. Stop wasting time looking for support and see if you have support the democratic way – with a vote.

We don’t have a problem with informational meetings for members to discuss the issues. We do have a problem with the method used for weighing support.

While we understand that there is a fine line between taking time to make an informed decision and hurrying to close the door on this ugly mess, the union’s method of judging support does little for each. If the majority of the union members support a strike, they will vote this proposal down.