An urge to appeal to a higher power

By Gus Bode

Dear Coach Weber, I’ve been following the team and these are my thoughts and prayers to help them reach maximum potential.

The most impressive thing about this team – I told your assistant coach – is when I saw them praying the Lords prayer on WSIU TV.

They are also an impressive team also and could play with anyone – especially if they followed this prayer, which might make them unique in the nation.


If you choose to read the following to them before the Missouri Valley Conference tournament, this is what a brother in Christ, Bobby G. Kern, has to say to each one of them.

THE SALUKI VICTOR’S PRAYER:Father God, I ask your blessings on these special young men and coaches who come to you prior to each game.

I pray that each of them realize that with you anything is possible, even national championships.

The team with the strongest heart for you would have great advantages.

Let each young man say to himself as he walks onto the floor just seconds before each game:Lord, I play this game for your glory as the scriptures say we should do in anything we endeavor.

Lord, help me to play to my maximum potential with the assets and talents you have bestowed upon me. Give me faith, courage, strength, wisdom, integrity and unselfishness.

I pray for my brothers on the team and coaching staff and for our school and for my loved ones and for our opponents. I pray that they also know you.


Even if this were the national championship game, or if I walked in the valley of the shadow of death, I have no fear. For you are with me at each part of the game – even a last free throw that might win the game.

Lord, let me remember and feel that you are with me so there is no fear. Father, we go out to win this game.

With you all things are possible. Be with me and my brothers and whatever happens, I’ve already won victory in you.

And Lord, I’m ready for the starting tip

We’ll take whatever our trust in you brings us Lord.

God bless you coach Weber, staff and team.

In Christ, a brother – Bobby G. Kern