Dominick lines up toy cars along a windowsill under the supervision of Mary Foreman, a graduate student in communications disorders and science from Edwardsville, during a therapy session Tuesday at SIU’s Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Wham Education Building. The center will close after this semester if no state budget is passed. Valerie Boyer, director of SIU’s Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, said the uncertainty is the most difficult part. “We’ve been waiting a long time,” said Boyer, an associate professor in communication disorders and sciences. “We feel like we perform a valuable community service so we would like to see it resolved, but honestly, just the knowing would be nice.” The center has been referring patients to Missouri, as the only facilities remaining in southern Illinois are private practices. “For a lot of people this isn’t an option because they can’t afford the out-of-pocket expenses,” Boyer said.