Fashion is a predator

By Gus Bode

Single life may be grand, but everyone needs a little romance once in a while. Here are a few tips to help sharpen your game with life’s secret weapon – fashion.

The Prowl:Maybe it’s just for the fun of it or maybe you’ve finally decided it’s time to settle down, at least for the moment. No matter the case, you are on the prowl.

Girls always have the impression that the color black is sexy, but in fact, it can look too severe and intimidating. Wearing color makes you seem more accessible. After all, there is nothing more powerful than a first impression.


This is also the time to be bold with your make-up. You might want to draw attention to your eyes with some jet black or smoky grey eyeliner or splurge for some M.A.C. lip gloss to make your lips extra shiny and pouty.

Guys, this is the time to be trendy. If you see something at Structure that you like but it seems a little “out there,” don’t be afraid. With a key trendy piece, you’ll stand apart from your competition and attract the eyes of that sexy stranger. Pair a bold colored button-down shirt with vintage wash jeans.

The Seduction:Sure you scored the first date, but what the hell are you going to wear?

Girls, now is the time for you to really pique the interest of your new “friend.” Pick an asset and flaunt it:wear a pair of tight jeans or a low-cut shirt. Either expose some leg or some arm, but NEVER both. Be classy. If you want respect from a guy, respect yourself. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it.

You should only wear a hint of makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Sure, you may be high-maintenance, but you don’t have to look it.

And never go out on a first date without high heels. You will feel taller, leaner and sexier.

Guys should wear something classic, sleek and comfortable. Wear a soft shirt or sweater so she’ll want to be close to you. Do NOT wear shorts on a first date. Shorts are for sports, not dates.


The Kill:OK, maybe you’ve seduced your new partner, but do you want to keep them? Once a serious relationship has been locked down, couples often enter the period where they begin to slack in the fashion department.

This is the time to make the kill. The most important point is to keep being presentable. Just because your partner may have seen you at your worst does not give you the excuse to be comfortable looking like a mess. You wouldn’t want to stop by to see your new partner in baggy sweats every single time, so neither would he or she. Invest is some cute PJs to lounge around the house in.

It’s a big mistake to tailor yourself to your future partner. He or she will never get to see the real you and you will be stuck in a charade for the length of the relationship.

By continuing to prep and primp for your partner, you will reassure him or her that you’re still interested and care enough to look nice.

Remember, it’s not only what you wear but also how you wear it.