Copyrights aren’t dying anytime soon

By Gus Bode

Despite the debut album’s cover, titled, “We Didn’t Come Here to Die,” which depicts an eerie graveyard, the Copyrights are not ready for a funeral. If they were, it would most likely resemble the fast-paced and energetic style that fills their 13-track CD.

The record follows the tradition of early ’90s punk with three-chord wonders and snotty-boy vocals. The tracks are filled with fun and hooking lyrics that are laced with a teen angst disposition. Tracks such as “Full Circle” and “Four Eyes” become addictive, containing fewer than six lines and falling to an average of two minutes in length.

The Copyrights consist of former band members from Last Laugh, Big Fat Nothing and The Reaction. The four-man ensemble includes Ken Clifford and Brett Hunter on guitar and vocals, Luke McNeill playing drums and Adam Fletcher on bass and vocals. They have opened for indie-punk favorites such as The Groovie Ghoulies, Alkaline Trio, Squirtgun and Teen Idols. After the release of “We Didn’t Come Here to Die,” punk fans can expect the Copyrights to headline many more shows.


The album resembles a crisper sound than the early Green Day cuts it has often been compared to. All of the tracks have memorable and catchy features. With half a breath in between songs, the music moves along well and keeps the listener engaged.

“We Didn’t Come Here to Die” is a solid debut album with promise. The Copyrights managed to capture the ups and downs of life without whining often found in modern punk. The album is being released on Insubordination Records, home base for the Beatnik Termites. The Copyrights plan on officially releasing the album at a release show at 10 p.m., Friday, September 5 at Hangar 9 on the Strip.

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