Pull quote:I would also like to thank you for the fashion in which you made your statement; it cast much light on your character

By Gus Bode

I am sure most people have heard the popular theory about the extremely homophobic. You know the one:the squeaky wheel really wants to get greased. In other words, the more homophobic one is may be positively correlated to the strength of inner-homosexual tendencies, or, simply put, homophobes are gay.

The Saluki Rainbow Network painted to the rocks by the Recreation Center last week in honor of the week leading up to National Coming Out Day.

A few short hours later, the rocks were vandalized for the second year in a row. I am in no way affiliated with the SRN, but, as an openly gay man, I take the attack to heart.


I really wanted to avoid discussing this event in order to deprive the culprits of their much-sought attention. However, I now want to share with them the plus side to all of this. Oh, yes, the glass is half full … even though it is filled with piss and vinegar.

I am sure it goes without saying that I do not condone the vandal or vandals’ actions. Whether the act was done out of calculated hatred or just some idiots too uncreative to think of anything else to pass the time, the defacing was ignorant and abhorrent.

Yet, I feel compelled to thank you, whoever did this. Thank you for illustrating to the greater community what gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders must contend with everyday. Some believe that society as a whole is growing more comfortable with the GLBT cultures, but I believe the opposition has grown as well. So, I appreciate the wakeup call.

I would also like to thank you for the fashion in which you made your statement; it cast much light on your character. You are a coward. If you are really so against homosexuality, stand up and say so.

Guerilla tactics, in this case, are not cunning strategies. In fact, it only shows that facing my community head on is something you fear which, in turn, dampens the power of your actions.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for validating the SRN, National Coming Out Week and even myself. You see, our actions exude confidence, power and pride. It is because of people like you that make it so difficult for the closeted, lost and frightened, to come out and be themselves. So when a group of gay students organize, when another person takes control of their life by coming out, and when I put my name and face in the paper every week, we prove the strength of our characters and convictions.

Once again, thank you. I hope you think you’re clever. I hope you think you’re right. And I hope you keep laughing so spinelessly. Each chuckle only fuels my pride.


And, if under it all you really are struggling with your own homosexuality, do us a favor by staying in the closet. We accept only real men.

How about no appears every Tuesday. Ed is a junior in speech pathology. His views do not necessarily reflect those of the Daily Egyptian.