Watch out for garden snakes and spoiled milk

By Gus Bode

I wish I had my bike back. It was G.I. Joe and it was cool. It got broken so it can’t get fixed. My dad says even a precher can’t fix it. That sucks come summer.

I played capture the flag and my tem won. It’s a fun game. I think Michael and Burke would be good at it. They are both devius and master minds. They are like Pinky and the brain.

Capture the flag is fun. I like being sneky. Guess what. I found a snake. It was green. It was a gardener snake. It was rily active. It didn’t bite.


My dad and me made a airplane and it works. My dad was surpised. It is a jet and has a remote control. It gets pretty stedy until it lands. It doesn’t do that to good.

You know what? I wish months had only five days. Then when my dad has to be gone for a month its only rily five days. Whoever made up the calendar was not a genious.

Guess what? Mike threw up because he drank bad milk. It was funny. He didn’t think so.