Talk of fee increases continue

By Gus Bode

GPSC expects BOT to vote in May

Graduate Professional Student Council members again discussed impending general student fee increases in their Tuesday night meeting.

However, the body is not optimistic about getting a quick decision from the Board of Trustees.


There has been one major change to the proposed general student fees composition. The original proposed student fees called for separate increases for fiscal years 2005 and 2006, but have now been combined.

“I’m guessing they think it’ll be easier for the board and less confusing for the new members,” said GPSC President Amy Sileven.

Members speculated that the timetable for the increases could change based on influence from SIU President James Walker’s office, and in the future there may be less time between the voting on fee increases and when they go into effect.

“From the way it looks, they want to shorten the timetable,” said Amy.

The discussion over possibly altering the decision not to support an athletic fee increase was again opened after Sileven told the body of her conversations with Chancellor Walter Wendler. The GPSC would possibly support the increase if WSIU-TV could broadcast all sold-out home games in the future.

“His response is he is considering this program strongly,” said Sileven. “It sounds like the chancellor is on board to facilitate this discussion.”

Representative Eric Waltmire cautioned the body not to act hastily and reverse the decision not to support the athletic fee increase without a commitment that WSIU-TV would broadcast the games.


“There’s still all kinds of questions still unanswered about whether we can put this on TV or not,” said Waltmire.

The GPSC will likely have enough time to pursue the issue because the Board of Trustees may not consider fee increases until May instead of in April, as previously expected.

“The historical pattern on all fee increases is they have them as a notice item only on one meeting and then vote at the next meeting,” Student Trustee Ed Ford said. “Unless they completely blow that apart, I’d say they won’t vote until May.”