Songs for the men’s basketball team

By Gus Bode

With the tip-off of men’s basketball right around the corner, I thought I would take a chance to compose a list of songs that describe each player.

Darren Brooks is the heart and soul of Saluki basketball. Brooks will have to take his game to another level this year if he wants to lace up his sneakers in the League (NBA) next year. The Saluki nation looks upon Brooks to take our program to the same ground as everybody’s favorite Cinderella, Gonzaga.

“Smooth criminal” by Michael Jackson best describes Brooks’ game. Not because of any kind of connection to the former King of Pop, but it fits due to Brooks’ silky smooth play. Missouri Valley conference teams have to protect the rock or Brooks will swipe it and glide through the lane on his way to two points. Now more than ever Brooks must be a “Leader of Men.”


Mike Dale and Stetson Hairston have “99 problems” but if and when they get back, playing time “ain’t one.” For a while they both have Jay-Z type seats, close to the action but not in the game.

Jamal Tatum and Lamar Owen are the energy guys that get the fans in the Arena to “Just Loose It.” Last year when Owen ran down the sideline to enter the game it was an instant “Start Me Up.” Tatum is always looking to push the ball up court and his game has the feel of Metallica’s “Fuel.” Metallica doesn’t rock anymore but Tatum’s speed sure does.

Joshua “Josh” Warren is definitely on “Kanye’s Work-out Plan.” The big-man dropped some serious weight this off-season and will be able to get around screens a little easier. Although part of me would love to see Warren sliding across the hood of the General Lee to the theme of Dukes of Hazard, you have to give respect to Warren for how hard he worked to get in shape as he steps into the starting line-up.

Matt Shaw was born in a small town, he was raised in a small town and now he represents that small town. Nobody wants to be described by a John Mellencamp song but “Small Town” is just to perfect. “Shaw-bron” is one of the most anticipated recruits to step foot on campus and has high expectations to live up to.

Randal Falker, the heir to Sylvester Willis’s throne of the fun guy on the team, seems pretty funny. The Steve Miller Band’s “Joker” fits Falker but there is nothing to laugh about his much needed size in the frontcourt.

“Stone Wall Willy” Tony Young challenges Hairston as the best defenders on a defensively solid team. Opposing teams’ guards will have a tougher time trying to “Break on Through” Young’s defense than Jim Morrison did staying sober.

Wesley Clemmons and Tony Boyle’s shirts are about as red as UB40’s “Red, Red Wine.” To paraphrase my man Bruce Weber – you are good players at 18 and19 but your going to be much better at 22. Randal Falker can tell these two freshmen a little bit about “Patiently Waiting” by 50 Cent.


C.J. Smith and Kyle Smithpeters know all about U2’s “Walk On.” Something tells me they take more beatings in practice than U2’s drum set. They both are following in ol’ Brooks’ footsteps as walk-ons. Just look how good of a player Brooks has become.

Coach Chris Lowery was handed the reins this year to the Saluki Dawgsled. C-Lo has been forced to “Get Low” on his depth chart when it comes to scholarship guards. With the defense and athleticism this team has he should have no trouble showing the nation “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

No matter what happens this year, the goal remains the same:to cut down the nets. Hopefully everyone can “Meet Me in St. Louis” as we sing along to CBS’s ode to the Final Four “One Shining Moment.”