‘The Red Light District’ is on fire

By Gus Bode

Ludacris paints the town with his latest effort

“Bet a hundred, bet a thousand, bet a million – put your money where your mouth is.”

Those who placed bets on whether Ludacris’s new album, “The Red Light District” would once again reign supreme as his other albums, raked in millions.


“The Red Light District” is full of 16 bass exploding, mind-boggling tales told only the way a charismatic, intellectual can do it:effortlessly. Ludacris continues to keep his audience crunk.

“Number One Spot” samples Quincy Jones’s “Soul Bossa Nova” or what many others may recognize as the theme song from the mega “Austin Powers” movies. Ludacris flips the sample the only way he knows how to…funky.

Ludacris also samples popular old school tracks by Teena Marie and Curtis Mayfield. He molds these tracks into bass-driven, head nodding hits.

Hip-hop producer Timbaland returns to assist Ludacris on his intro, then again on “The Potion.” This track reminds you of 2004 Missy but Ludacris’s delivery provides a sense of relief.

“Blueberry Yum Yum” is one of those tracks that his audience will be playing for years to come. In the words of Jonathan Gandy from a July issue of the PULSE, it will give you “the urge to hot box the Chevy all summer,” or all year round for that matter.

Of course the leaked hits are on the album. “Get Back,” “Put Your Money” and “Pass Out” are still hot after listening to them for three weeks. That’s the thing about Ludacris; he catches listeners with wild beats and matching ethics. He usually never disappoints.

“The Red Light District” is filled with originality. Even the samples sound original. In 2004, there are few rappers who can succeed and keep a solid fan base. It is a very difficult task.


Ludacris succeeds, for the fourth time in a row. His beats are hot and his style hasn’t changed, but matured. His listeners will not be disappointed but appreciative. Ludacris is still Ludacris, so if you like him go out and buy “The Red Light District.” If not, definitely burn it. Ludacris still says what most people think and advises his haters to; “Get back, get back, you don’t know me like dat.”