Salary increases needed to attract, retain faculty

By Gus Bode

We the Faculty of SIUC applaud and support President Walker’s current efforts to increase the state’s appropriation for faculty salaries. We have long argued and demonstrated that our faculty is paid much lower rates than other peer groups at other universities and that the low pay here hampers our ability to attract and keep quality instructors.

We commend President Walker’s attempt to raise the overall salary level, both for the faculty we represent and for faculty in the Law and Medical Schools who are not represented and who have no contractual guarantee of any salary increase next year.

Contrary to the report in the DE (“Walker fights for pay increase,” Jan. 18, page 1), the collective bargaining contract between the SIUC Faculty Association and the SIU Board of Trustees already guarantees a 3 percent increase for represented faculty next year (2005-06) regardless of legislative appropriation.


We have historically negotiated guaranteed salary increases in an effort to keep the great faculty members we have now. Salary increases in addition to what we have already obtained would surely help SIUC attract and keep a diversified and highly qualified faculty. We will do all we can to assist Dr. Walker in this goal.

SIUC Faculty Association President