GPSC undecided about University service expense

By Gus Bode

Tuesday the Graduate and Professional Student Council pondered the University’s proposal to increase student fees for the 2005-06 school year, but did not vote on the issue, saying they needed more information and more time for deliberation.

Kevin Bame, executive director of University finances, met with the council to discuss the increases and after the presentation, members of the council were still seeking more clarity.

Melissa Vandenberg, a graduate student studying sculpture, said she wished the issue had been brought to the council at an earlier time.


“Frankly I’m still very confused,” Vandenberg said. “This leaves me less time to be prepared to vote.”

Under the state’s Legislative Audit Commission, auxiliary departments such as the Recreation Center and the Student Center must be self-sufficient and operate without state-appropriated funds. Despite the state regulations, some auxiliary departments at SIUC had been receiving state funding.

Without it, the departments will have to pay $1,853,800 for the 2006 fiscal year, some of which the University says has to be generated through student fee increases.

Anil Mehta, a graduate student studying electrical engineering, said he could understand why the administration would need student fee increases, but still would like more information before he decides how he will vote.

“I think in general the council is not happy with this,” Mehta said. “If it could spike from $125,000 to $1,853,800, what is the guarantee there will not be another spike?”

The council will vote on their decision to support the University Service Expenses after the spring break vacation.