Callahan’s and Carboz on the market

By Gus Bode

License approved but not transferred

Callahan’s Irish Pub and Carboz Nightclub are still on the market after a sale to Knoob Enterprises Inc. fell through.

Greg Knoob, creator and owner of Knoob Enterprises Inc., is the former owner of the Hot Spot and HINRG nightclubs in the village of Colp.


The Carbondale Liquor Commission, an alternate function of the city council, approved a liquor license transfer Aug. 16 from Carboz LLC to Knoob Enterprises Inc.

However, simply because a transfer was approved does not mean the license was actually transferred, Brian Callahan, owner of the property for four years, said.

“It’s just a precursor to make sure someone qualifies to the sale of property,” he said. “We had a deal pending, and it kind of fell apart.”

Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole said the liquor commission only authorized a transfer. The actual transfer of the license is awaiting the sale. If there is no sale, there is no transfer.

There are a number of prospective buyers, a majority of whom are from the area, Callahan said. Callahan’s Irish Pub on East Grand Street has become one of the more popular bars in the city.

“We’ve come in here and taken this little nightclub, and now we have the nicest pub in town,” he said. “People come here and are surprised there is a place like this in Southern Illinois.”

A 1,500 square foot gaming room was added over the summer behind the pub’s bar, which cut out half of Carboz’s dance floor as a result.


He did not add the game room because of the plan to sell, Callahan said.

“We just did it to increase business, there was no bearing on it at all,” he said.

Callahan said if the property has not sold by the end of August, he would remain the owner for another year.

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