Letter: ISU fans not all bad

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

As both sports editor of the Daily Vidette and an ISU undergraduate student, I found your reporting of fan behavior at ISU’s homecoming game vs. SIU in “Dawg Pound Meets to Discuss Upcoming Season” grossly misrepresentative of the actual happenings.

I was on the sideline at the southwest end of the stadium where SIU came out of their locker room and would say that “thousands of mini footballs” pelting the players in a “machinegun-like fashion” is wildly inaccurate and irresponsibly reported.


There were not nearly thousands thrown onto the field, and they were not thrown in such a violent manner as to be compared to a machine gun.

Fans may have acted inappropriately by throwing the footballs, but the reporting in your article of the mini-football incident seems to be very skewed. I highly doubt it was the intention of any of the throwers to harm any of the players with the mini footballs.

I ask you not to take inappropriate actions of fans in attendance to be representative of Illinois State University as a whole. ISU was appropriately penalized before the half, and the mistake of handing out valueless, potential projectiles has been duly noted by ISU’s marketing staff, as should be by all university athletic departments.

I was, however, deeply saddened to read of the terrible taunting from fans directed toward Coach Kill.

Once again, actions have been taken by the ISU athletic department to be sure that sort of disgrace will not be allowed to occur.

I can tell you that those involved with ISU football throughout Bloomington-Normal have the utmost respect for Coach Kill and his staff as well as Southern Illinois athletics as a whole and extend well-wishes and prayers to the Kill family. The small sample that participated in the taunting does not accurately represent the ISU athletic department or our university as a whole.

Michael Bundalo Daily Vidette sports editor Normal