Letter: Topinka could be a breath of fresh air

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

Considering the Chicago Tribune reports, the Blagojevich administration has embraced the corruption they came to “clean up.” The fed is on Blagojevich’s trail, not Topinka’s. The jobs Blagojevich is trading for donations, his pension fund robbing, his buying Democrat support by paying for their office in Jackson County, his disrespect for the sanctity of life and his unlimited handouts to expand his name recognition make Blagojevich the incumbent to cancel. He has no ethics, no couth and no common sense.

We have elected officials who would like to get back to work but have their hands tied with this administration. I think Judy Baar Topinka is the candidate to refocus this state on fiscal responsibility and work with people on both sides of the aisle. Her experience as treasurer makes her ideal to meet the financial challenges before this state. Topinka has outlined a four-year plan to get our state out of the horrific debt that this governor keeps driving up.


Topinka wants to enforce the abortion laws on the books which require parental consent for a minor to have an abortion. She is against late-term and partial-birth abortion. Topinka’s family and pro-life values may not be what some of us would like, but her values are much closer to ours then the current governor. It is time to get passed whether Topinka is a conservative or liberal candidate and realize she is the alternative with government experience.

Kara Dunkel Makanda resident