Inter-Greek president: USG anti-greek

By Gus Bode

The president of SIUC’s Inter-Greek Council on Thursday called Undergraduate Student Government anti-greek and a divided body after a twice-failed attempt to nominate a Greek Row representative to the senate.

Daniel Bachert, president of Inter-Greek Council and a USG senator, said the senate’s Wednesday night rejection of Kaylie Schlueter’s bid for a Senate seat was disappointing because she would be an ideal delegate.

Bachert referenced 50 signatures approving of Schlueter as a senator and a recommendation by USG Vice President Paul Ogwal. Wednesday’s rejection was the second time the senate has voted against a Greek Row candidate.


“I was very disappointed. Her own sisters as well as the other girls who live on Greek Row said, ‘We want you,'” Bachert said. “The senate’s divided.”

The senate held two separate votes to nominate Schlueter’s to a senate seat, both of which did not pass.

Inter-Greek Council Secretary Jessica Graff said the rejection of Schlueter was a “slap in the face.”

“I believe it was not a right decision by them,” Graff said.

Ogwal said he gave her his recommendation because she was qualified for the position. He said she was misunderstood when she told the senate that Ogwal had asked her to come to the meeting.

“I think it was a miscommunication,” Ogwal said. “We’re not anti-greek. I’m not sure where they got that impression from.”

Schlueter will run again for a Senate seat at the next USG meeting, Ogwal said. He said he was positive she would be voted in.


“Me giving a personal recommendation to somebody to join the senate doesn’t come cheap,” Ogwal said. “I don’t bring cheap people to the senate.”

Graff called for all greek chapters to attend the next USG meeting and run for the 13 open senate seats.

“They can’t turn us all 13 of us down,” Graff said.

Matthew Picchietti, a senator representing the College of Liberal Arts, voted to make Schlueter a senator and also said there was miscommunication.

“It’s frustrating for me to see a candidate get turned away,” Picchietti said. “It is a concern of mine that we fill the senate seats with the right kind of people.”

Senators who voted against Schlueter could not be reached for comment.

The Inter-Greek Council planned to vote on a new constitution, but it was tabled because many of the greek chapters had yet to read the document.

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