Our Word: Continue progress

By Gus Bode

The first residents to live in one of the newly built Wall ‘ Grand apartments jump for joy as they moved into their residency over the winter break.

Although, with the constant delays and extensions of finishing the apartments, students seem to be grateful for finally moving into their long-awaited new home instead of saying: “It’s about time.”

These dormitory condos were originally scheduled to be open in the Fall 2006 semester. But, as you all know, the official move-in day has been extended quite a few times. Many students have been inconvenienced with temporarily living in Wright Hall with lack of the amenities residents were looking forward to last semester. Students that lived in Wright Hall were compensated for this inconvenience with reduced rates compared to actual dormitory residents. But with an entire semester extension to live in the Wall ‘ Grand apartments, that just doesn’t seem enough for what the residents have to deal with.


In November, the Daily Egyptian reported on a meeting of Wall ‘ Grand residents with these complaints of the delays and the very extended, temporary living conditions. Students raved that University Housing was not dealing with their issues. Many residents took action by voicing their opinion and made University Housing aware of what they’re doing.

The residents were notified about a possible delay of moving in while signing their contracts. Of course, University Housing or the residents didn’t expect a five-month delay. Many residents were considering canceling their contracts because of the living conditions they were offered. While the residents temporarily living in Wright Hall were paying reduced rates, Wall ‘ Grand apartment occupants would lose their five hundred dollar prepayment. And even through the five-month extension, University Housing was still going to withdrawal their prepayment.

Although with the miscommunication and the inconvenience among the students, Wall ‘ Grand apartments are the luxurious way of living on campus. The first residents are just happy to finally be in their deserving residency. A good job goes to the finalization of opening the one apartment building. In sake of those awaiting Wall ‘ Grand occupants, let’s not drop the ball and keep the hard working progress going.