Letter: Campus has climate of fear after test

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I’d like to add a minor correction to Ryan’s article on Thursday. He mentioned that lack of “good moral character” can be grounds for deportation. Actually, it is a key requirement for applying for U.S. citizenship, which the actions of this administration have now denied me. Signing a form admitting “non-compliance” with the law can lead to deportation.

Since I am not living in Stalinist Russia, nor Mao’s 60’s Cultural Revolution, I do not intend to sign a “false confession” and am currently filing a grievance with the university administration since they refuse to write a letter concerning a mistake made by the ethics office that led to my designation of “non-compliance.”


Instead, the Poshard Regime clearly intends to continue SIU’s higher administration policy of bullying and intimidation rather than acting in an ethical manner. For example, problems concerning the ethics test were brought to the attention of Dunn and Koropchak during a Graduate Council meeting of November 2nd where a member stated that “individuals are compelled to be dishonest in their answers to the test in order to meet compliance. Why is that not an issue?” Dunn replied that the issue has been discussed with legal counsel and Koropchak stated that the topic is still under review with the attorney general at the state level.

Why, then, were threatening letters sent to 255 university employees? The administration is clearly at fault here. I have been informed indirectly that if I pursue my grievance, I may lose my green card and face deportation.

I am also sad that most people have signed non-compliance forms. It reminds me of a statement once posted outside former Faculty Union President Gary Kolb’s door, stating that faculty afraid of losing their jobs cannot be inspired teachers. The Poshard Regime is guilty of creating a climate of fear on this campus.

Tony Williams English Professor