Letter: Bears fans will cause a ruckus

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor,

My sister emailed asking if I would be a true Hoosier and cheer for the Colts in the Super Bowl.

I wrote her that, from the beginning, I’ve been a fan of the NFL’s Central Division (now the Northern Division) with the Minnesota Vikings as my favorite team followed by the Bears, Packers and Lions. Although the Colts are now in Indianapolis, they are from Baltimore (somewhere between here and Mongolia).


Living in Illinois (and since the Vikings smell worse than lutefisk; a Scandinavian dish of dried cod, preserved in potash lye, then skinned, boned, and boiled) I should support the Bears.

However, as you may know, fans from Chicago tend to riot and become destructive when their teams win (go figure). When the White Sox won the World Series a few years ago, celebrating fans destroyed several lamp posts on campus. On Sunday afternoon, after the Bears won the NFC game, celebrating fans took over US-51 for about 30 minutes.

So, in order to prevent a few idiots from being expelled from SIU and sent back north in the middle of winter, I’m going to cheer for a Colt victory as the Bear fans will then hopefully just order another beer to drown their sorrows and dream of next year as I have done for the Vikings (and the Cubs) for the last 38 years.

Joel Fritzler

Councilman Carbondale City Council