Bears celebration cancelled

By Gus Bode

Celebrations ranged from sparse to non-existent throughout Carbondale Sunday night after the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17 in Super Bowl XLI.

Police presence was heavy throughout town, but most of the dejected fans stayed inside the bars and drowned their sorrows or quietly walked home without incident.

The Carbondale Fire Department reported a quiet evening, and SIUC and Carbondale police declined to comment on any incidents.


Crowds that did gather downtown to chant for or against the victorious Colts were quickly told to keep moving by police stationed along the Strip.

Jim Graham, a junior from Naperville studying radio-television, stayed inside Gatsby’s II after the game ended.

He said he wished the Bears had put forth a better effort, but he would celebrate the NFC champions’ season regardless.

Graham said the night would have been much more entertaining otherwise.

“This place would be wild and crazy if the Bears won, but I’m still here having a good time,” he said.

He said he guaranteed the sight would be different when the Bears win next year.

“It’ll be a beautiful thing,” said the ever-optimistic fan.


Tim Duffy, a freshman from Chicago studying political science, said the loss killed the potential for a party.

“It changed the whole outcome of the night,” he said. “I was going to party after this. Now it’s just depressing.”

Kevin Cassidy, a senior from Chicago studying physical education, was working the door at Gatsby’s II. He said the roughly 125-person crowd was large for a Sunday, despite the outcome of the game.

“I think a lot more people would be out, but they lost,” he said. “You still get the same old drunk girls, no matter if they won or lost.”

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