Wendler for LSU presidency

By Gus Bode

Former SIUC Chancellor Walter Wendler is attempting to return to work as an administrator after being removed from the campus’s top post in November.

Wendler has applied for the presidency of the Louisiana State University system, and is one of five known candidates for the position, according to the Baton Rouge, La.-based Advocate newspaper.

Wendler, who still receives his $256,000 executive salary until July, was demoted to professor of architecture in November.


SIU President Glenn Poshard cited a lack of leadership skills, poor communication and low enrollment when announcing the demotion.

Wendler, who started work at SIUC in 2001, said after his demotion that he planned to stay at the university and was “looking forward to stepping up into the highest purpose of the university where raw opportunity flourishes – the classroom.”

Wendler did not return calls for comment.

Wendler, a former LSU professor of architecture, was a candidate in December 2004 for the chancellor position of LSU’s flagship Baton Rouge campus while still chancellor of SIUC.

Interviews with candidates are set to begin in two or three weeks, the Advocate reported.

Laura Leach, chairwoman for the LSU president search committee, did not return calls for comment.

Other candidates for the position include Larry Lemanski, vice chancellor for research at Florida Atlantic University; Warren Jones, assistant dean for the College of Non-Traditional, Adult and Continuing Education at Chicago State University; Terrance Hitchcock, a business professor at Argosy University’s Minnesota campus; and LSU Agricultural Center Chancellor Bill Richardson.


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