Letter: Problems with the DE

By Gus Bode

I am an avid reader of the daily egyptian, but lately it’s becoming increasingly harder for me to enjoy the DE. Formatting issues aside, the DE has been an okay source of information for me. Lately, however, I can’t help notice flaws in the reporting, specifically in the voices section.

My concerns first started when I and the rest of the student body was labeled as apathetic for not attending an anti-war protest. Somehow the DE forgot to point out that the protest was poorly organized, as most students were not aware that there was a protest.

The DE also made the mistake of assuming the majority of the campus is against the war. My faith in the DE dropped significantly further when I read the voices section of yesterday’s (April 9) paper. I was always under the impression that newspapers were supposed to be impartial. The editors never should have published whom their picks for USG president and trustee were. The DE, like all other newspapers, is supposed to report the facts and simply that. Give me what each party is running for, but don’t tell me whom you think I should vote for. This is regardless of it being in the voices section or not.


Finally, today’s voices section bothered me. The editors chose to point out the flaws in both Brad Cole’s and Shelia Simon’s campaigns. The article started off well reporting the inconsistencies in Simon’s statements. You then tried to say that Brad Cole’s flaw was his ignorance. Unfortunately, your support for this claim doesn’t support anything.

You pointed out the fact the Facebook group started in his honor did not treat Simon fairly or respectably. Cole, upon finding out about the site, became an administrator and cleaned it up. This was all before Simon said anything about the matter. To say that this was an act of ignorance shows that the DE staff doesn’t actually know the definition of “ignorance.” It is really hard for me to get through the paper everyday.

It starts off so well, but then the Voices section ruins the paper for me. It doesn’t help that it is followed by pages of classifieds and terrible comic strips about cats, pirates and giraffes. Maybe the Voices section should be silent until they can get their stuff together.

Andrea Moore freshman from Wauketan studying photography and art education