Letter: No apologies for letter

By Gus Bode

To the editor,

In a news story which appeared on page one of Friday’s DAILY EGYPTIAN, your reporters who covered the April 12 Board of Trustees meeting in Edwardsville stated, “Several professors relayed similar concerns (as those of Pommier), but said they were unwilling to be identified in fear the comments could have ramifications against them or their departments.” Another, rarely admitted fear, is that many individuals, though feeling strongly about an issue, are unwilling to set themselves up for what can sometimes be savage criticism.

The undergraduate whose rebuttal letter appeared in the DE last Friday is as much entitled to his opinion as I am mine. Unfortunately, in a quest for his own fifteen minutes of fame, his immaturity glared through by his shooting from the hip, resorting to name calling and spewing vitriol not only at me, but also at a broad range of other individuals who are in no way connected with the issue at hand.


So, to my young friend, and anyone else who feels he needs a piece of me, be assured my position is clear. I stand behind every word I wrote and I make no apologies.

Ruth M. Pommier University Housing