Letter: Children and anti-abortion propaganda

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I wanted to express my feelings on something I saw on Tuesday. There was a woman who had her little girl (8-10 years old) handing out anti-abortion literature between Neckers and the Student Center. This is inappropriate and unethical on so many levels.

I was so disgusted I had a hard time describing my feelings. The wording and images in the pamphlet were quite offensive to adults. The front contained racially offensive commentary, the inside had graphic images of aborted fetuses and the back had propaganda that was completely one-sided. Despite my feelings on the topic, I do not want to open a pamphlet handed to me on the street and see these words and images!


This woman had her little girl handing out her opinions at an illegal location – a shield to prevent herself from getting arrested. That makes me sick on so many levels. Who in their right mind would make their child do something illegal so they won’t get in trouble? A little girl had no business seeing these words or images in the first place, but there they were for her to look at.

I hope the woman sees the vulgarity of this situation and stops abusing her child in this way. I hope other people are as sickened by this woman’s actions as I am. And I hope that people are willing to think about both sides of any issue before they form an opinion about it.

Sarah Stahl graduate student in chemistry