Voices: Tax increase

By Gus Bode

What a no-brainer to pass a city half-percent sales tax increase earmarked to improve the city and the university. Let me restate: to improve the city, for you to see, the university is the city. There simply would not be a Carbondale with a capital ‘C’ if not for SIU. A big THANK YOU to those who spoke in favor and especially to our leader who voted for progress!

I must comment on what must be the absence of logical though by some of our council members and presenters during the increase debate, though. These supposed intellectuals talked of the need for a tax increase to help the city but not the university. I believe it was Jane Adams who said she represented the Arbor District when mentioning support of only city improvements like sidewalks.

Well, Jane, may I respectfully submit that without the university, the need for sidewalks would dramatically decrease. I would say that the need for a cow-path or two might increase, though. By the way Jane, I live in the Arbor District and you do NOT represent me.


Two words can summarize support of Carbondale and all of southern Illinois: Go Salukis!

Michael P. Norrington

Carbondale Resident