Computer glitch the reason behind sweaty lectures

By Gus Bode

Air conditioners in Lawson Hall are now up and running after many students had to sweat out their first day of classes.

Brad Dillard, associate director of facilities, said Plant and Service Operations had difficulties with its computer system after an upgrade, causing the air conditioning to malfunction.

“We’re checking back on the systems regularly, and everything appears to be cooling down,” he said.


Tony Williams, an English graduate assistant, said he was in Lawson while the air conditioners weren’t working and said it was hard to teach in the hot conditions.

He also said many students were angered about the temperatures that were not much cooler than outside.

“I and my students had to deal with very bad conditions for about two and a half hours,” he said. “I think some students didn’t return but that’s usually the norm.”

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