Parking decals expire Sunday

By Gus Bode

Finding parking on campus can be a nightmare, but not having the right decal could make the situation worse.

On-campus parking decals for the 2006-2007 term expire Sunday, and students are required to buy new stickers by next week or face the possibility of paying fines of up to $75.

Upperclassmen are eligible for red commuter parking decals, which enable students to park in areas all around campus, including lots by the Communications Building, Trueblood Hall and the Student Recreation Center. The price of red decals cost $45 this year, a $5 increase from last year.


Underclassmen are unable to obtain any decals but are allowed to receive a free yellow parking decal, which authorizes parking in areas by the SIU Arena.

Chris Spry, a sophomore from St. Charles studying radio-television, has been unable to get his desired parking pass because he is one credit hour shy of being an official junior.

“It just sucks because I’m one credit hour behind,” Spry said. “Is it that big of a deal?”

Parking at the Arena is just about the same as walking to class in the first place, Spry said.

“It’s so inconvenient,” Spry said. “What’s the point of having a parking pass?”

The restrictions are due to traffic problems on campus, said Brian Mager, administrator for the parking division.

“The policy of distinguishing red commuter from yellow commuter parking privileges was revisited in the early 2000s,” said Mager. “The administration looked for ways to try to limit the number of vehicles traveling and parking in the core areas of campus. Consequently, the policy of red commuter parking privileges was limited to upperclassmen.”


At the same time, the parking division worked with the Student Center to get a shuttle bus to run every 20 minutes from the lots by the Arena to spots around campus, Mager said. The goal, he said, was to lessen the inconvenience to those with yellow decals.

Eric Roe, a junior from Decatur studying engineering, said he has no problem with receiving a free yellow decal. Since parking at the Arena is not far from the Engineering building, where Roe spends the majority of his time, he doesn’t see the point of purchasing a red decal.

“The red is kind of ridiculous,” Roe said. “Because the engineering lot is so small; it’s always full.”

Libby Summers, a senior from West Frankfurt studying art education, purchased a red commuter decal for $45 because parking at the Arena is too far from her classes.

“I don’t like to walk that far in the dark,” Summers said.

But she was not happy with the price of her decal.

“I transferred from John A. Logan and parking was free there,” Summers said.

Students needing new decals should go to the parking division with their valid driver’s license, unexpired vehicle registration card, their student ID card or class schedule, and payment for decals.

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