Sports banter

By Gus Bode

Sports Banter:

Brett Favre threw two touchdowns on Sunday, surpassing Dan Marino as the NFL’s all-time leader in passing touchdowns with 422. Favre also holds the record for wins as a starter, with 151, and is second to Marino in career passing yards. Who is the best quarterback in the history of the NFL?

“Favre has defined class and consistency at the QB position, regardless of how many bottles of Vicodin it took him to get there. The best QB, however, is one who can wear a navy blue and orange uniform without giving the ball exclusively to those with jerseys of a different color, and I haven’t seen one in this millennium.” – Sean McGahan


“It’s tough to say. People say now that Peyton Manning has a Super Bowl win to his credit, he’ll be the best once he reaches the records Marino and Favre hold now. Favre has the records mentioned above, plus a ring, so then he’d have to be the best now, right? Well, no. I’m going with Joe Montana.” – Scott Mieszala

“I don’t think there’s one definite answer. All quarterbacks are stronger in different spots than others, and it would be really rare to find one that can excel in all areas of the game. I’ll go with Joe Montana for a QB who won a Super Bowl and Dan Marino for one who didn’t.”-Megan Kramper