Letter: Disqualification unfair

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

First of all, thank you for depicting me as part of the Latino Alliance team. Even though I didn’t play, I was with them every step of the way throughout the ISC Soccer Tournament. As true underdogs in the tournament it was a disappointment to have been disqualified after the struggle to get to the finals. We feel that it was unfair, unfounded and extreme to disqualify the Latino Alliance and so do the two other teams that made it to the finals.

It was unfair because all of our players consistently played throughout the entire competition after being screened by ISC officials throughout each and every game. We won fair and square against African Lions, much to their surprise, prompting their accusations. It was unfounded because to this day ISC officials cannot find the sign-up sheet from the semi-finals game. There is no proof and if there were they would find the same players that have played throughout the entire tournament.


Disqualifying the Latino Alliance was an extreme approach to the accusations. These accusations have come up in this year’s and past tournaments, involving teams like African Lions, and resulting in either a re-match or a fine. It is with disappointment that LASA is appealing ISC’s decision to disqualify our sponsored team due to the unfair, unfounded and extreme nature of the decision. It is unfortunate that the thirst for winning has divided and tainted the friendly competition of the ISC Soccer Tournament.

I thank the Saudi team for supporting us and forfeiting the official final and I congratulate them on having won the unofficial match at Parish Fields. I also wish to congratulate the African Lions for having won the ISC Soccer Tournament without having even kicked a goal, that is a true craft that I must learn to master. VIVA LASA!

Oscar Schlenker

senior studying radio-television

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