Column: To all the haters

By Gus Bode

According to the Urban Dictionary, a hater is defined as someone who simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy, they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

This is not to be mistaken with jealousy; true haters hate just to hate. This campus is rife with haters, so this column is for you.

To those who hate on SIU as a school: SIU throughout history has always carried with it a reputation. While some see it as a giant keg party, I feel that isn’t even half the truth. This place is absolutely unique and special and personally, I couldn’t go anywhere else.


We have intelligent and down-to-earth faculty, and alumni from astronauts to movie producers (and of course Dennis Franz). This school is as inclusive as possible and this brings great economic, political and social diversity. Where else can you have coal-miners, Iraq-war veterans, sorority girls and anarchists all in the same class? This school is great – quit hating.

To those who hate that there is nothing to do in “nasty garbage dump” Carbondale (except maybe drink): SIU is right in the middle of the Shawnee National Forest. We are surrounded by miles and miles of gorgeous land. We are now in the middle of fall, and the foliage (yes, foliage) is breathtaking.

Stand out on the little Grand Canyon, look out, and you will see an amazing array of colors on a brisk fall day. Winter is coming up and I’m from Chicago, so trust me, it is much better down here. Our spring comes quicker, and most students never have to be down here for the only nasty time of year, the hottest days of summer. Hating on SIU because “there’s nothing to do here” – quit hating and go outside.

Finally, there is some hating so bad that it can only be described as living in the Haterix (pronounced hate-trix) which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “the reality of a lot of people all hating on someone at the same time, similar to the Matrix (the movie).” Many on this campus have been plugged into the Haterix.

To those who hate on Glenn Poshard: While it finally seems to have somewhat died down, the entire “outrage” over this incident was the most clear display of hating I have ever seen. Poshard was working, raising a family and running for office during the

20 odd years ago he wrote his dissertation.

I personally can believe that in one draft to the next, Poshard could have easily forgotten to cite something. People didn’t have or any for that matter. We all make mistakes, and sometimes we make more than one.


But hey, maybe Poshard, regardless of all these factors, did intentionally plagiarize. I don’t think he did, but hey, who knows? In truth, I don’t care, and it doesn’t change my opinion of him or the job he has done.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., along with a slew of other famous leaders and writers throughout history, committed plagiarism. If we are going to condemn Poshard to this extent then fine, but we must fight plagiarism throughout history with the same vigor. I suggest perhaps changing Martin Luther King Day to “Don’t Plagiarize Day.”

The DE editorial board put forth an editorial and smarmy cartoon calling our university a joke. Someone must have spiked their water cooler with a heroic dose of hater-aide.

Poshard knows the ins and outs of Illinois politics and has and will continue to use his former career and connections to better the university. He understands and really cares about this school; he is born and bred SIU and he bleeds maroon. This university, his university and mine is no joke – quit hating because all you need is love.

Whoops, I think I just plagiarized.

O’Connor is a junior studying political science.