Letter: BOT is like Monty Python

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I dimly remember an old Monty Python skit in which a collective of international crime fighters is attempting to halt assassinations. A note from the assassin reads something like: “…and I will stop at nothing…”

One of the crime fighters remarks something to the effect of: “Well, if he will stop at nothing, then let’s do nothing…”


The BOT has ducked the Poshard plagiarism issue by sticking their collective heads in the sand and doing the Monty Python equivalent of nothing.

Being a pragmatic sort, it appears to me that the root of the problem is the BOT. Their removal and replacement may be the only means to remedy this misbegotten situation and cleanse SIUC’s sullied reputation.

Can you please print for us the steps that must be taken to recall/remove the BOT?

Mark Carlos

graduate student studying environmental resources and policy