Dear Hollywood: Spoof this

By Gus Bode

Original ideas must be the most difficult thing to come by in Hollywood these days, as evidenced by the horror that “Meet the Spartans” will undoubtedly be.

Set for release sometime in 2008, “Meet the Spartans” is a spoof on “300” hybridized with “Stomp the Yard” and pledges to make fun of public figures along with recent movie releases.

With Carmen Elektra and Kevin Sorbo signed onto this all-star cast of lead characters, this movie can do no wrong!


Just stop it already, Hollywood.

Audiences should be fed up with these unintelligent parodies that have the comic prowess of a tear-filled tissue at a funeral. The latest satire film, “The Comebacks,” which focused on sports movies, managed to wrangle $5.85 million at the box office this weekend.

What are you doing, America? Don’t support these types of movies. It only breeds more terrible satires that have no legs to stand on when compared to spoofs of old, such as “Spaceballs” or “Hotshots.”

First, there was “Scary Movie,” a rather disgusting laugh on slasher flicks released in the 1990s. Then there were two more. Then “Date Movie,” which caused “Epic Movie” and this columnist is almost certain these abominations to movie making everywhere will not stop until there is a “Spoof Movie” parodying all of these wastes of film.

Don’t let this happen, Hollywood. Remember how funny it was when Rick Moranis portrayed Dark Helmet, the Darth Vader look alike who sipped coffee that was “Hot! Too hot!” through his mask? What about how great it was when goofball Leslie Nielsen portrayed a lackluster James Bond-ish character who got into more trouble than he was worth?

You used to be better than this, Hollywood. You would actually put out parodies that had some intelligence, even if audiences knew the comedy was more often than not going to be lowbrow.

Don’t let me down, you beautiful multi-billion dollar industry. If you have to put out “Meet the Spartans” just let it be the last of its kind until someone comes along with an intelligent and hilarious spoof.


Until then, just keep those projects off the silver screen.

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