Column: Hillary Clinton: Woman or machine?

By Gus Bode

I was lucky enough to tune to Fox News Radio in between the switch from Rush “Drug Dealers Should Get the Death Penalty” Limbaugh and Sean “My Chin and Ego Have Their Own Zip Code” Hannity.

Normally this uniformed, knee jerk, “oppressed white-man” drivel would be followed by a gut reaction to vomit in my own mouth, but I was left flabbergasted. I realized at this moment, for very different reasons, Sean, Rush and even Bill O. and I have one common goal: defeat Hillary Clinton.

She is the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, except this sheep is supported by the largest political machine in history, and instead of sheep clothing, she has Botox to hide behind. Ronald McDonald frowns more than her.


Hillary Clinton is wrong for the Democratic Party nomination for three principle reasons. First and foremost, in politics, she will be extremely hard to elect. Next, her plans for healthcare and Iraq are politically crafted and insubstantially progressive enough to make a difference. Finally, she is a politician, not a person; she has no stance on issues but what focus groups and polls tell her.

According to a recent poll, 50 percent of Americans say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Many Americans don’t know whom they will vote for, but half know whom they won’t vote for. And that’s even before the nomination have happened. This is not just the Hannitys of the world; it is much of her own party and its base.

Some say her gender is the main obstacle to her electability, but most of them seem to miss the forest for the trees. Sure, some ignorant fools think that women can’t “have their fingers on the button” due to menstrual cycles, but the vast majority of this country is not that stupid.

She takes this idiotic belief to heart and perpetuates the idea that a successful woman cannot be a strong woman, she can only be strong. She overcompensates under the patriarchal belief that compassion, femininity and empathy look weak.

Anyone who feels that we should elect a woman just because she is a woman should take a good look at who this woman is and ask themselves: Is this woman the kind of woman you want?

With issues, it is on both healthcare and the war in Iraq where you see the true nature of Hillary’s politics. She touts her healthcare plan as being a way to go after the big bad insurance companies.

Really? Then why do the major insurance companies want the new Hillary-care? It’s because now, every single uninsured person in America will be covered by the private, for-profit insurance companies at the cost of the taxpayer. The problem with our healthcare is a moral one: Should insurance companies be for-profit? Well, Jesus would say no, and yet Hillary says yes.


Iraq demonstrates Hillary on the issues. She claims she voted to authorize pre-emptive war, i.e. give the president a blank check to play Risk with the world because of bad intelligence? The only bad intelligence was hers.

And now, she is doing the same thing again with Iran by voting to designate the Revolutionary Guard, Iran’s army, a terrorist organization. This effectively gives G.W. license to bomb whoever or whatever he wants in that country. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, there is no possible way you actually got fooled again unless you’re an idiot.

The main problem with Clinton is that she crafts policy not based on what she believes is right but by what focus groups and polls tell her is popular. This is why in debates, rather than give direct answers, she responds with diatribes against Bush.

Joe Biden had a great line about Giuliani saying that he only says three things: A noun, a verb and Sept. 11. Hillary also only says three things: A noun, a verb and Bush – because Democratic focus groups say that people like hearing that Bush is bad.

Obama and Edwards (neither of whom I endorse) did a good job of going after Hillary at Tuesday’s debate. She got caught giving two answers to the same question, and was nailed about Iran and not releasing records of her husband’s presidency.

One can only hope those two will continue to swing the battle axe at the small hole in her Botox-laced armor, breaking open the facade she represents to show the slimy politician she is.

O’Connor is a junior studying

political science.