Pulse Calendar of Events

By Gus Bode

Thursday 11/29

Club 51: Veladdiction

Hangar 9: Mathien and TBA


Mugsy’s: Karaoke

Tres Hombres: The Dip 60

Glassy Junction: Live blues

Friday 11/30

Club 51: Long Island Iced Tea Party

Hangar 9: Freekbass

Cousin Andy’s: Andrew Calhoun


Copper Dragon: Mike and Joe

Mugsy’s: Cynthia at the piano

Keywest: By Request DJ and karaoke

Tres Hombres: DJ

PK’s: The Blues Bandits

Saturday 12/1

Club 51; Awaken the Hour, Hope for the Dying, Adiah Domineer, Life and Passing

Hangar 9: Non-Stop Reggae

Mugsy’s: Championship Arm Wrestling

Longbrach: salsa dancing

Keywest: Gotcha Entertainment DJ and Karaoke

Tres Hombres: Miller Girls

Booby’s: SVAHA

PK’s: Jack Head

Glassy Junction: Caribbean Night

Copper: 17th Floor

Sunday 12/2

Hangar 9: Death by Karaoke with DJ Punk Soul Brutha

Keywest: Ivas John Blues

Monday 12/3

Hangar 9: Open Mic

Tuesday 12/4

Hangar 9: Dollar Nite with Punk Soul Brutha

Tres Hombres: County Line

Wednesday 12/5

Hangar 9: DJ Beasley Hip Hop and Disco Show

Glassy Junction: Live Folk Country