Recreation Center lures freshmen

By Gus Bode

The Recreation Center wants to help freshman keep off the “Freshman 15.”

The center has begun implementing new marketing initiatives to advertise intramural sports programs as well as other new programs available at the facility.

The marketing team wants to attract more freshmen and sophomore students to its new programs.


Gary Tisdale, coordinator of marketing for Recreational Sports and Services, said the center’s marketing staff put energy into recruiting as many students as they can each year.

Publicity and Outreach Coordinator Ashley Hardy said the advertising is now directed to freshmen and those who live in the residence halls

“They just want people to know about what is offered,” said Hardy, a graduate student from Chicago studying workforce education. “Statistically sophomore, junior and senior students use the Rec more than freshmen do, and it’s because they aren’t advertising well.”

Hardy said intramural sports, especially basketball, often lure underclassmen to the center, but the free classes also draw a crowd.

“The hottest thing is the yoga and Pilates classes and the free fitness classes,” Hardy said.

In addition to extended hours, classes like “Improve Your Move,” a ballet-based dance class, as well as a sunrise yoga class, were added to please and attract more students.

The new marketing tools include a pocket calendar and Recreational Sports and Services booklet, which replaces the Campus Recreation Newspaper.


The calendar and booklet are being distributed this week at information tables in the university dining halls.

Ipek Cetiner, a graduate student from Turkey studying marketing, said she thinks it will take about two to three months before she can tell if the new marketing is doing its job.

“When you can’t find a parking spot, you’ll know,” Cetiner said.

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