Chatterbox: Stuff to do besides watch “Spartans”

By Gus Bode

What did you do this weekend instead of paying to see “Meet the Spartans?”

Audra Ord

I did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, mopped my kitchen floors and watched the basketball game with my roomie. Lame, I know, but better than going to see that stupid movie.


Wes Lawson

After alphabetizing my DVD collection, I stared at my hands for a little while, trimmed my fingernails and, after seeing a TV commercial for the movie, gouged my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

Julie Engler

I finished my homework, danced and watched WWII documentaries until I was dreaming of being a fighter pilot over the Pacific. As my plane was crashing, I awoke thankful I wasn’t watching “Meet The Spartans.”

Devin Vaughn

Shut up.