PDA with a purpose

By Gus Bode

Friday afternoon students in the Saluki Rainbow Network had more on their agenda in the Student Center than enjoying a McDonald’s value meal.

A “Kiss-in” was staged to see public reaction to public displays of affection between students in the Rainbow Network. Three couples moved around the first floor of the Student Center, holding hands and stopping to kiss periodically.

The “Kiss-in” was the last event of GLBT awareness week, which also put on a mock wedding and welcomed the Rev. Mel White, a gay Christian minister, as a speaker last week.


Courtney Shelby, a sophomore from Rockford studying journalism, said she hoped this event and the others during the week would open up people’s minds a little bit around campus.

Andrea Krueger, a junior from Milford studying mortuary science, said the group is trying to break down the heteronormativity that is so prevalent on campus.

“A lot of people feel it is okay if you’re gay, just as long as they don’t have to see it,” Kerber said. “That’s not very realistic, we’re just trying to get it out there.”

Stephenie DeArcangelis, a sophomore from Crete studying creative writing, said the Rainbow Network’s graduate adviser Stacia Creek came up with the idea after she was involved in a similar event at a mall.

DeArcangelis said most people see someone and assume he is straight and that is not always the correct assumption. The students involved just wanted to put their affection in the public eye, she said.

“There are people who are GLBT on this campus and we do no want to be invisible,” DeArcangelis said.

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