Groups ready to analyze new sexual harassment policy

By Gus Bode

Campus opinions on how to change the university’s sexual harassment policy will be compiled by a group of experts on the topic.

The Sexual Harassment Working Group, a panel of nine-campus employees established in June, has been instructed to put together the opinions of all constituent groups on campus with its own for a report sent to the president, group chairwoman Michelle Miller said Thursday.

A draft of revisions to the policy was shared with constituency group leaders Wednesday. The changes to the policy include more specific guidelines to the way the university investigates claims of sexual harassment and various changes to the definition of different forms of harassment.


Many of the leaders said they needed to discuss the changes with their group representatives before sharing their opinion about the policy. Each group is scheduled to meet within the next few weeks.

Miller said the working group would not dictate how each constituent group gives its opinion and would leave it up to individual groups to dictate how people provide feedback.

“Our goal would be to be sure every group has a chance to present their ideas,” Miller said.

SIU President Glenn Poshard has said he hopes the Board of Trustees would be given the final changes by Nov. 1, but Miller said her group has not yet been given a deadline to submit its report.

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