Pulse Chatter

By Gus Bode

Former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker recently updated his Myspace blog, thanking his fans for the support during his recovery from the burns he suffered from the plane crash he was involved in on Sept. 20. Barker said in his blog he can now move all the fingers on his right hand. Unfortunately, though, some are wondering if he will ever get back to the drumming dexterity he once possessed. What Blink 182 song do you have on repeat to honor the recovering musician?

Audra Ord

First of all, best wishes to Travis Barker through his recovery process. I saw the guy in concert once, and he is an absolutely phenomenal drummer. It’s sad to think he may have lost that. As for my fav Blink 182 track, I’m going to have to have to go with “Always.” I love that intro.


Wes Lawson

Man, Blink 182 was like my entire life back in middle school. Even though they’ve broken up, I still listen to them and I hope Barker comes back to bring the house down with his drumming again. I think my favorite song by them was always “Dammit,” so I’ll be pumping that up as we speak.

Luis C. Medina

I love “Mutt” and will always love it because it was my favorite song back in seventh or eight grade. I’ll always associate it with the scene out of “American Pie” where Jason Biggs’ character is running back to his house from his friends’ place for a live glimpse at Nadia. Classic song for a classic movie moment.