DPS as bad as students?

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

Yesterday I had a very disturbing run-in with Department of Public Safety. With all the problems with students being hit on campus, one would assume that the DPS officers, of all people, would do their best to make sure this doesn’t happen. Well, that was NOT the case yesterday. I was walking out of my class in Pulliam Hall and crossing the street to the parking lot. I looked both ways, and since there isn’t a cross walk there, I continued to walk to my car, cautiously. Coming around the corner was a DPS car, but I had plenty of time to go to my car, if he was going the appropriate speed. The officer continued to speed up. As I had reached the corner where the parking lot met with the road, the DPS car was less than an inch away from my leg! I could honestly feel the bumper graze the edge of my jeans. Then, to top it off, the officer had the nerve to blow his air horn at me, like I was in the wrong! He was the one who was obviously going too fast and couldn’t even slow down for a student going to the parking lot when there isn’t a crosswalk! I can’t imagine how a “responsible” officer could even begin to do this to a student! DPS is supposed to set an example for how students are supposed to be. With acts like this, DPS is going to lose all credibility among students.

Shea Hagston


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