There are more important issues

By Gus Bode

The university is in the midst of midterms. The semester is already half over; clubs are meeting, class work is piling up and Undergraduate Student Government is in full swing.

Full fashion swing, that is.

USG has spent an hour of debate establishing a dress code for the few who show up. USG meetings are riddled with motions to excuse senators. Wednesday’s meeting ended with only 19 of the 50 seats filled.


Professional dress does make a good impression, but there are more important things USG should be debating right now.

The Daily Egyptian endorsed Chiquita Watts and Vincent Hardy for president and vice president based on their stances.

“(I would) be in their face,” when reaching past the nonbinding USG power to the administration, Watts told the Daily Egyptian during her campaign.

We didn’t realize we needed her to be more specific. We didn’t realize they were going to be in their faces with professional dress. We thought they were going to fight for change.

Now that USG members know how long their sleeves must be, we hope they will roll them up and get to work on some of these campus issues:

� Improving retention

� Changing on-campus parking policies


� Capping student fees

� Finding more effective ways to distribute student funds

� Instituting a partial textbook rental system

� Addressing campus safety issues

� Alerting the students about the ongoing accreditation process

Unless, of course, they’re too busy writing a proposal for an SIUC fashion police.