SIUC graduation

By Gus Bode

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter about the graduation situation that many SIUC students, including myself, now face. I realize that there are numerous opinions surrounding this issue, but I wanted to take a minute to address how this situation affects me personally. Spring graduations were moved to accommodate construction on campus, which is a situation beyond my control, but I do know how graduation affects my family, my friends and me. I am a third year law school student who has spent the last three years working to obtain the JD beside my name. This ceremony represents the culmination of my education which some of my loved ones may not be able to witness. The law school graduation has been moved from the usual Saturday at 4 p.m. time slot to Thursday at 4:30 p.m. This poses a problem for my family and friends who not only have to drive to Carbondale but leave work early as well. For example, my sister is an undergraduate student in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose finals do not officially end until Friday afternoon. To make my graduation, she has to be done a full day early in order to drive the six hours to Carbondale. My brother will also have to arrange his finals scheduled on that day to make the ceremony. Not to mention, my parents have to rearrange their work schedules to attend graduation. It is upsetting to me that after all the hard work, my family may miss out on this important milestone in my life. I realize that some events and circumstances are beyond my control, but I do not want the sacrifice that nearly every family will have to make to go unnoticed, either.

Natalie Treece


third-year law student