By Gus Bode

Author Michael Crichton has passed away at the age of 66 from an unpublicized battle with cancer. Crichton penned popular science fiction fare, such as ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘The Andromeda Strain’ and ‘Congo.’ Crichton also collaborated on many of his books which were turned into motion pictures as well as being one of the creators of hit TV show ‘ER.’

What is your favorite piece of Crichton’s work?

Luke McCormick


I read a good deal of Crichton when I was younger. I have him and a few other select authors to thank for ushering me into the world of adult fiction. He crafted some great tales and to pick just one is a hard thing. I recall being totally absorbed with ‘The Andromeda Strain’ when I was younger and those first few years of ‘ER’ were some great television.

Audra Ord

My boyfriend bought ‘Congo’ a few days ago, a movie I haven’t yet seen. As I read the case for the flick, I was skeptical about it. But now I look forward to watching ‘Congo’ with an open mind.

Chris McGregor

The film adaptation of his classic novel ‘Jurassic Park’ features both Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum. The epic scope of Goldblum’s acting ability in the film has never been matched.